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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flash Builder Interactive Debugger

If you are developing with Flash Builder I highly recommend you get and install the debugger version of flash. You can get the debugger version of flash at the Adobe web site. Doing so will allow you to interactively debug your Flash Builder application. The ability to interactively debug your application will accelerate your overall development effort.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Excellent Master Detail Text Tutorial

Many of the Flash Builder tutorials are rather useless. I found this particular tutorial to be among the best for demonstrating how to generate master detail forms in flash builder. I hope you find it useful too!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BCS Flash Builder Pay Pal Integration

This code demonstrates how to integrate Pay Pal features into a flash builder project.

To View the tutorial now click here. The URL for the video is

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Monday, November 1, 2010

BCS Custom MXML Components

Authoring Flash Builder 4 applications can yield some complex syntax filled source code modules. In an effort to alleviate source code clutter and to foster re-usability of code I recommend custom components be employed throughout the development of the application.

Flash Builder 4 also has some nifty features which also lean towards using modularization to ease the maintenance burden of mxml applications.

Once properly introduced to the Flash Builder IDE the components become registered part of the development environment.

To begin make sure there is a components sub directory for you project. Create all components for the application and package them in the components sub directory. Once the components sub directory is populated it may then be exported and made available for import into new project.

The overall approach yields a stream lined mxml application with calls to the components. Also for programming tasks that require a greater level of interactivity these components can be used as action script classes.

Mr. Arch Brooks
Software Engineer

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BCS Utilize Data Grid Data Elements Effectively

To gain access to underlying data of a data grid use the binding feature like so {dataGrid.selectedItem.fname}.

The first portion of the statement dataGrid is the id of the datagrid. SelectedItem is a property for the dataGrid and the fname is the name of any data element available to the datagrid control.

Place that information between the curly braces and you will have instant access to the underlying values.

An invaluable resource Flash Builder comonents is the TourDeFlex component examples. Much of the information returned from a Google Search is to convoluted for effective use.

BCS Flash In A Week Video Viewer

Learn Flex In A Week is a sound beginning for delving onto the idiosyncrasies of Flash Builder 4. Adobe assumes you will have a high speed internet connection and will be online to view and utilize the video information.

For us non water walkers reality is a bit different. Having enough bandwidth to support the video feeds can be a challenge. It is more palatable to have the video viewing capability available in an offline mode in addition to the on line capabilities.

To accommodate viewing the videos offline I have developed a flash builder 4 web application that run locally which allows the videos to be viewed offline.

We appreciate any contrubution you may be able to make to ensure this as well as other project may continue.

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The complete project is located on Sourceforge at project bcsfinawvideo.

Create the MySQL database by importing the assiciated SQL file.

Create a new user "fiawu" and password "passwd" for the MySQL database (minus double quotes).

Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to download the videos. I have established a special account and user name for this project.

Account: lfiaw
Password: Archman007 (password is case sensitive and must be typed as it appears here).

Use your favorite FTP client to access and download the video files.

Install the videos in localhost root folder "flv" (minus double quotes).

When you FTP the video files if you target the flv folder on you localhost as the download location you may omit the step above.

Import the Flash Builder 4 Project.

Run the application.

Enjoy viewing the tutorials offline without buffering hassles and pauses in playback.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Everyone

Welcome to the BCS Flash Builder blog.

Here we will have an open exchange of ideas as well as a robust dialog about flash builder and flex technologies.